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Shiok Kitchen Catering Pte Ltd

Premium Buffet - Japanese Delights (14 + 1 Course)

Premium Buffet - Japanese Delights (14 + 1 Course)

Wafu Potato Salad with Assorted Vegetable (V)
Goma Sesame Rainbow Coleslaw (V)
Chicken Yakitori Skewer
Potato Croquette with Mayonnaise (V)

Kabayaki Chicken with Sesame Seeds
Fried Barramundi with Honey Miso Sauce
Shoyu Garlic Butter Medley of Seafood (Prawn, Mussel & Squid)
Japanese Beef Curry with Potato & Carrot
Nai Bai vegetable with Shimeji Mushroom & Carrot (V)
Kimchi Fried Rice with Eggs & Vegetables (V)
Stir-Fried Yaki Udon with Vegetables (V)

Green Tea Cheesecake (V)
Tropical Fruit Platter (V)
Chocolate Tartlet (V)

*Min order 30pax

* Image is for reference only. It does not reflect the above menu.

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