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Shiok Kitchen Catering is your premier choice for exquisite and premium catering for corporate & social events. Experience a gastronomical adventure today.

Starting from our humble beginnings and made famous through our expertise in Thai food, we are proud to be able to provide a one-stop solution for a wide variety of menu offerings today, from local to international cuisines. Our team of specialised chefs cook up delicious halal-certified catered food in our kitchens, ranging from Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, British, and Western cuisines. Suitable for any guest and any occasion.

Since its inception in 2004, Shiok Kitchen Catering (previously known as SK Catering) has been an established name in the catering service industry. Originally providing mainly Thai food, it now serves a vast selection of cuisines ranging from your local delights to Chinese cuisine and Western
gourmet dishes. We aim to become the preferred catering service provider for off-site corporate and social events in and around Singapore, allowing individuals and companies to experience a delightful gastronomical adventure.

Shiok Kitchen Catering adheres to the highest standards of catering for both food and service. Our well-trained catering staff guarantees professional and efficient service during your event. Our dedication to food quality can be seen through the selection of great-tasting food, sustainable and diverse menu choices guaranteed to take your event to the next level.

We provide environmentally friendly services for buffet catering, tea receptions, corporate catering, bento catering, Halal buffet catering, Mini buffet catering, Canape cocktail receptions, baby shower and wedding services.

For catering services inquiries or orders call us at 6411 4994 to learn more about our services!

Meet Our Chefs

Chef Immanuel

Having been at Creative Eateries since 2018, Singaporean Chef Immanuel Tee joined the Singapore restaurant group as an Executive Chef and has since risen in position to becoming the Culinary Director of Creative Eateries in Singapore – overseeing the culinary direction and creation of dishes for our Thai, Western, Japanese, Chinese cuisine, and catering division.

After graduating from At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy, Chef Immanuel Tee has since acquired more than 15 years of culinary experience from his work at Michelin-starred Guy Savoy as well as other Asia’s top restaurants like Restaurant Andre and JAAN Par Andre, before his last stint with the Keystone Restaurant in Singapore and the 2 Michelin-starred Pastorale Restaurant in Belgium.

Other notable concepts Chef Immanuel ran include the Immanuel French Kitchen in Singapore, where he was the head chef and owner, and By the Fire. Each of his culinary outlets aim to make his fine food more approachable. In 2015, Chef Immanuel was nominated in the finals of San Pellegrino Young Chef Awards.

Chef Immanuel’s extraordinary palate and his great eye for beauty and elegance that is prevalent on the plates he dishes out. Moreover, his deep-rooted passion for seasonal and locally grown products continues to inspire him to create new European dishes with a twist.

Chef Kenny

Chef Kenny joined Creative Eateries in 2019 as a humble Sous Chef and has since risen to the position of Executive Chef of the group.

Passionate in creating unique Western and Asian dishes, Chef Kenny has mastered 17 years of experience in the kitchen before joining the restaurant group. He has gained experience in various hotels across Singapore and garnered excellent culinary skills and relationship management.

His quirky sense of humor and ability in setting up new kitchens makes Chef Kenny a valuable chef in the organisation.

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