Top Wedding Venue in Singapore this 2024: Singapore Wedding at Jewel Changi Airport

Discover the Popular Singapore Wedding Venues: Your Dream Gorgeous Wedding at Jewel Changi Airport

Jewel Changi Airport, a marvel of modern architecture and a symbol of Singapore's innovation and beauty, offers a unique and enchanting setting for couples seeking to celebrate their love in style. Nestled within this iconic landmark, with neighboring hotel Singapore, lies a myriad of stunning venues and luxurious amenities, making it the perfect destination for a dream wedding day or solemnisation like no other. Here's why Jewel Changi Airport is the ultimate choice for couples looking for the perfect venue for either a bridal shower, solemnisation, garden wedding, or solemnisation venues for their special day.

1. Breathtaking Wedding Venue

One of the top rated Singapore wedding Venues is Jewel. Exchange vows against the backdrop of Jewel Changi Airport's breathtaking architecture, featuring the iconic HSBC Rain Vortex – the world's tallest indoor waterfall. With its mesmerizing cascades of water and lush greenery, the Rain Vortex provides a truly magical setting for a romantic ceremony that will leave guests in awe.

2. Versatile Wedding Venue in Singapore for a Perfect Wedding (Indoor and Outdoor Wedding)

From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, Jewel Changi Airport offers a variety of venues to suit every couple's vision and number of guests. This makes it one of the best wedding venues in Singapore. Have your dream wedding with the scenic Jewel backdrop. There is a venue at Changi Airport for every wedding you're dreaming of.

Cloud9 Piazza

Photo Credits to Jewel Changi Airport

Looking for a semi outdoor wedding venue? Cloud9 Piazza is perfect for your beautiful wedding. An iconic landmark in Singapore where lush nature meets stunning architecture, Jewel Changi Airport is a one-of-its-kind venue for every occasion. Hold celebrations at the top level of this architectural wonder, against the backdrop of the breathtaking HSBC Rain Vortex. Be captivated by the magical garden sanctuary and bask in the glorious natural light, and as the skies turn from dusk to dawn, celebrate the start of your new chapter in life.

At a sizeable 1,000 sqm, Cloud9 Piazza offers abundant customisable opportunities to make your dream wedding come true.

Capacity: 100-200 guests
Key Feature: Exclusive Balcony with a Vantage View of Majestic HSBC Rain Vortex
Location: Level 5

Valley View Private Suite

Photo Credits to Jewel Changi Airport

Make your wedding majestic at Valley View Private Suite. Enclosed with a private open balcony overlooking the Shiseido Forest Valley, idyllic views of the valley’s lush greenery complete the romantic garden theme. The size of the suite and cushy fit-out is perfect for hosting smaller groups of guests or a cosy tea reception.

Couples hosting a smaller group of guests will find the suite’s size and cushy fit-out perfect. A cosy tea reception is also possible with the support of a comprehensive panel of catering partners like Shiok Kitchen Catering.

Capacity: 20 guests
Key Feature: Enclosed Private Open Balcony
Location: Level 4

Floral Arch 

Photo Credits to Jewel Changi Airport

If you have always dreamed of having your wedding reception in an air-conditioned garden environment, we have the perfect location for you! Jewel's Canopy Park is now available for wedding engagement bookings, and it even comes with a floral arch for that picture perfect "I Do" moment making it one of the top wedding venues in Singapore this year.

Capacity: 20 guests
Key Feature: Complimentary access to Canopy Park
Location: Level 5

Jewel Suite

Photo Credits to Jewel Changi Airport

Located at level 4 of Jewel, the Jewel Suite is a private lounge that comes fully equipped with amenities such as a TV lounge, bar counter, private room, and a balcony that has unparalleled views of the HSBC Rain Vortex. There are also toilet and bathing facilities within the Jewel Suite. With a luxurious interior and fittings, the Jewel Suite is the perfect spot for couples who seek a private setting with a sense of intimacy. Service staff will also be stationed in the room to assist with guests' needs.

Wedding planning includes post-solemnisation parties and this is a perfect venue for an intimate one.

Capacity: 25 guests
Key Feature: with amenities like bar counter, TV Lounge, etc.; With Service staff stationed in the suite to assist guests
Location: Level 4

4. Convenient and Accessible Venue for Your Beautiful Wedding Day

Located just minutes away from Changi Airport, Jewel Changi Airport offers unparalleled convenience for out-of-town guests and international travelers. With direct access to transportation hubs and a wide range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options, guests can easily explore everything that Singapore has to offer before and after the wedding festivities.

5. Easier Wedding Planning: Affordable Wedding Package and Venue Rental

At Jewel, they design celebrations inspired by beautiful landscapes and create unique experiences for your special moments. 

They also offer affordable wedding packages provided by their catering partners like Shiok Kitchen Catering. 

6. Halal-Certified Wedding Banquet and Catering for Your Big Day Provided By Shiok Kitchen Catering

Jewel partners with esteemed catering service providers like Shiok Kitchen Catering in planning for your big day. Shiok Kitchen Catering is one of the top caterers in Singapore that is halal-certified.

From wedding solemnizations to receptions, engagement parties & sit down western course meal, Shiok Kitchen relishes in working their magic for your wedding. Their passionate team of wedding consultants delights in making the perfect wedding day come true for you without breaking the bank. You can choose from wide range of cuisines from halal certified Thai, Asian, Western to International delights, all handcrafted specially for the perfect occasion. 

From Wedding Banquet to Venue Rental, Jewel is Truly One of The Best Wedding Venues in Singapore for your Big Day This 2024

Jewel Changi Airport offers a truly unforgettable setting for couples looking to celebrate their love in style. With its iconic architecture, versatile venues, culinary excellence, luxurious accommodations, convenient location, unforgettable experiences, and personalized service, Jewel Changi Airport is the perfect destination for a wedding that will be remembered for a lifetime. Say "I do" amidst a world of wonder and romance at Jewel Changi Airport – where love knows no bounds.

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