Halal Catering Singapore: Best Halal Buffet Catering for 50 pax from Shiok Kitchen Catering

Looking for a Halal Catering Service for 50 pax? Shiok Kitchen Catering is Your Top Notch Choice for Halal Buffet Catering In Singapore

In the vibrant tapestry of Singapore's culinary scene, halal catering stands out not only for its adherence to Islamic dietary laws but also for its rich flavors and diverse offerings. Among the esteemed providers in this space, Shiok Kitchen Catering has carved a niche for itself, offering a delectable array of halal dishes that celebrate tradition and innovation alike. If you're hosting a small to medium-sized gathering, here are the catering services that you can try.

Bento Catering starting at $7+ per person min. of 50 pax

Shiok Kitchen Catering's Bento Catering is the perfect union of convenience and culinary excellence. With their Bento Catering, guests can enjoy a full meal with an appetizer, main course, and dessert served in either a wooden or disposable bento. 

Shiok Kitchen Catering offers halal-certified bento meals that give you food choices that will tour you around the world. They have International Sets like Oriental, Malay, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Western Cuisines. They also have flexible options for Vegan and Vegetarian guests. You may view their full menu here

Mini Buffet Catering Starting at $185+ for 10 pax

Shiok Kitchen Catering's Mini Buffet Menus set out to ease the convenience for small parties or cozy home celebrations pax of 10. Packed in disposable ware, you can say goodbye to the hassle of preparing extra dishes, trays, and utensils for your mini buffet set up. You may view their full menu here.

Why Trust Shiok Kitchen For Your Next Halal Buffet Catering Celebration? 

1. With Over 20 Years of Halal Catering Culinary Experience

Since its inception in 2004, Shiok Kitchen Catering (previously known as SK Catering) has been an established name in the catering service industry. 

Started from our humble beginnings and made famous through our expertise in Thai food, we are proud to be able to provide a one stop solution for a wide variety of menu offerings today from local to international cuisines. Our team of specialised chefs cook up delicious halal-certified catered food in our kitchens ranging from Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, British and Western cuisines. Suitable for any guest and any occasion. 

In our over 20 years of experience, we anchor 48 restaurants and established ourselves to be the official caterer of 11 Key locations in Singapore.

2. Diverse Range of Halal Certified Menus and Cuisines for Every Occasion from Corporate Events, Weddings, Birthdays to Gatherings 

Shiok Kitchen Catering's menu is a culinary journey through the diverse flavors of Singapore and beyond. 

Grown from providing mainly Thai food, it now serves a vast selection of cuisines ranging from your local delights to Chinese cuisine and western gourmet dishes. Our team of specialised chefs cook up delicious halal-certified catered food in our kitchens ranging from Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, British and Western cuisines. Suitable for any guest and any occasion. ring Services For Every Celebration from Weddings, Corporate Events to Special Celebrations

At Shiok Kitchen Catering, we pride ourselves on our flexibility to offer tailor-made services suited for every customer’s needs. We offer a variety of cuisines for corporate and event catering from Western fusion, Asian favourites to International and local delights.

With more than 20 years of experience in the catering industry, Shiok Kitchen Catering is a seasoned and one of the best caterers in Singapore, with a track record of successfully executing a multitude of corporate catering events throughout Singapore.

We are also proud to have made hundreds of dream weddings come to life. From wedding solemnizations to receptions, engagement parties & sit down western course meal, Shiok Kitchen relishes in working our magic for your wedding. 

We also turn ordinary gatherings into special celebrations. At Shiok Kitchen, we cater to birthday celebrations, baby showers, and some other joyous occasions.

4. Top-Rated Halal Buffet Catering based On Latest Reviews

Our commitment to service and excellence is well-supported by the numerous positive reviews that we are getting from our clients. Here are some testimonials from satisfied clients: 

"Thank you for the awesome service and food today! The catering had really great feedback and a lot of guests love the food!  I think the ops team did great too and they did really well with the house rules." Natalie - National Gallery Singapore

"We are very satisfied with the setup & service for the first event in Chijmes-alcove week. Pls convey our message to the team and thank you for your support. Our client are happy with flexibility over the menu changes and happy with the marvellous buffet setup 👍 I am confident to include the menu in our packages and look forward to more events." Joey -CHIJMES

"Thank you for the great support for the PA Appreciation Reception last night. We would like to make special mention to Nick and Firdaus and the entire Ops team for their professionalism, creativity and going beyond the extra mile to not only meet but exceed our requirements for the Appreciation Reception setup. Your whole team did a great job, turning the entire event venue into not just a gastronomic but also an aesthetically pleasing experience for all our guests! Thank you once again!" Low Juay Hong - People’s Association

"Thank you Chris Tay and Shiok Kitchen Catering for the being such a great help as the food vendor of our wedding. Had such a positive experience working with Chris. During our food tasting, all of the modifications to the menus were executed perfectly and all our guests enjoyed the food on the actual day!" Adora Lee

5. Sustainable Halal Catering Catering


Shiok Kitchen Catering remains to be an sustainable caterer in all aspects of our catering services - from our menu to the tableware used. We are committed to using environmentally-friendly catering and providing your clients with the best services.

Our sustainable catering starts with a locally sourced catering menu. Shiok Kitchen Catering is Farm-To-Table recognised - where at least 15% of our menus are locally sourced. We use locally farmed eggs and locally sourced seafood in our menus. Untouched and safe to consume food are also donated to Food Rescue to minimise our food wastage.

Shiok Kitchen Catering also uses compostable serving ware for our Buffet lines and recyclable food packaging which utilises BioPak technology for our Bento sets. You can rest easy knowing that we are committed to leaving a positive impact on the environment. 

We also ensure that our kitchens follow sustainable practices as well. Shiok Kitchen Catering installed light sensors throughout our central kitchen to minimise unnecessary electricity usage. Recycling cooking oil by selling it to vendors who use recycled oil in their own processes is another way that we are committed to being an eco-friendly caterer.

Contact the Shiok Kitchen team here for event venue rental enquiries and halal catering menus and services here

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